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Janitorial Service in Toronto

Renn Group has seen this scenario many times. It happens to every office or workplace. During the high season, everybody’s chipping in and working longer hours. At first, a few forgotten lunches linger at the back of the fridge. The weird smell is contained—at least for now—and everybody’s too busy working to notice.

The next step is bathroom issues. A toilet might be out of commission or a paper towel roll dispenser broken. Messes pile up. The chaos in the bathrooms spread to the break room and eventually the whole office. And everybody’s too tired from doing their jobs to want to be the office hero who undertakes spring cleaning.

An unclean workplace is an unhappy workplace. Keeping your office in a disorganized state might be fine for artists and others who thrive on creativity, but for those of us with policies to follow, it’s distracting. And being distracted is a good recipe for unproductive workers.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? We’ll be the first to admit we have a vested interest in getting you to hire a cleaning company for your small business. But as Toronto’s first name in janitorial services, we know the difference that scheduling regular office cleaning can make to your work.

Industrial Cleaning Services in the Greater Toronto Area

Some small business owners might think that because their employees work in a warehouse they aren’t entitled to the same standards of cleanliness as office businesses, but we think that’s not true.

Warehouses might be dusty places and the sort of workplace that might attract dust and dirt more easily, but that’s all the more reason to hire a janitor to provide regular upkeep to your industrial workplace.

Not only will it be easier to maintain the equipment and health and safety standards of your warehouse with regular industrial cleaning services, but your employees will thank you for making their comfort a priority in what can be a difficult place to work!

But My Business Doesn’t Need a Janitor!

Being Toronto’s best business cleaning service means doing cleaning for every workplace, not just office cleaning.

In our years of service Renn Group has handled cleaning contracts for virtually every sort of business in Toronto. Why burden your employees or yourself with extra work when janitorial services can be so affordable? Whether it’s help with a spring cleaning or weekly service, we’re ready to lend a little elbow grease.

Here are some unconventional Toronto workplaces we’ve handled cleaning contracts for:

  • Commercial and industrial production kitchens
  • Retail storefronts
  • Yoga studios
  • Hair salons
  • Art galleries
  • So whether you’re preparing for the busy tax season, an art opening, or just want to bring peace of mind to yourself and your colleagues as you continue doing what you do best, Renn Group has affordable pricing and the expert skills to handle any job. It doesn’t matter if your workplace has five employees or 50, we’re prepared to do our best and help your productivity soar into the next quarter and beyond.

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